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Cable Harnessing


Our many years of cable assembly experience is not limited to using just our own crimp or solder cup connectors, and industry standard milspec circulars (including D38999 and M5015 series) feature heavily in many of our larger assemblies.

M - Series


AirBorn offers the widest range of Micro-Miniature connectors available in the market today. Featuring a contact spacing of 0.050” (1.27mm) and 

Mil-DTL-83513 qualification the range offers an extensive mix of termination styles and custom design solutions. 

N - Series

The N-Series ‘Nano-Connector’ offers an ultra high density contact spacing of only 0.025” (0.635mm) and is fully approved to 

Mil-DTL-32139. Light weight metal shell, single and dual row, contact counts from 9 to more than 100 positions and terminations styles including PTH, SMT and Pre-Wired. The ultimate connector solution for the smallest and most demanding spaces. 

VerSI - Series

Designed as an open pin-field product for both signal-integrity and high-density applications. This connector uses a 0.050” (1.27mm) contact spacing offering a cost-effective, compact, high density product from 10 to 500 contacts, while at the same time offering 100ohm and 85ohm differential serial bus capability. Press-fit, paste in hole or plated thru hole termination styles are available in either Metal or Plastic body. 

Signal Integrity

Our Signal Integrity MicroQuad and MicroSi Series are based on the rugged Micro-D style Connector and M83513 qualified contact system.These connectors are designed for high speed/ signal integrity applications. MicroQuad mixed Quadrax and signal modules designed to handle IEEE1394b Firewire while the MicroSI Series operates up to 10GB supporting 1x, 4x, 8x100ohm differential serial buses. 

W - Series


Approved to Mil-DTL-55302, typical contact spacing of 0.10” (2.54mm), contact counts from 3 to 208 and an extensive range of termination and contact options, the W-Series is the benchmark against which so many others are measured 

R - Series


A range of high density PCB and I/O connectors. Based on M55302 approval with a contact spacing starting at 0.075” (1.905mm), from 11 to in excess of 600 positions with termination options and contacts that include Power, PTH, SMT, Press Fit, Stackable, Solder Cup and Crimp. The R-Series is becoming the standard for high density interconnection applications. 

RC / RC2 / RZ - Series


RC-Series, High density stackable/compliant contact connectors in .075” (1.95mm) contact pitch for parallel board to board interfacing. 

RC2-Series, Stackable compliant contact connectors with aligned contact fields for improved signal integrity, supporting 100ohm and 85ohm differential serial buses. 

RZ-Series, High density solderless interconnect devices (on .050”>1.27mm pitch) that are compressed between parallel PCBs. 20 to 175 contacts with board spacings from .100” to .350” 

Custom Design

AirBorn is proud of our ability to provide cost effective solutions for custom requirements. 

At AirBorn, ‘Non-standard’ is ‘Standard’.

Flex Circuit Assemblies


AirBorn are dedicated to supplying turnkey solutions. Our Flex Circuit division offers Flex and flex-rigid assemblies made for many environments from deep space to subsea. Circuits can be supplied either unloaded or fully populated and tested.

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