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R - Series

AirBorn R-Series meets or exceeds MIL-C-55302 

Performance specifications 

AirBorn Powell 5-20 Side Banner.png


Contact Rating;                          3 Amperes (2 Amperes for .016 diameter)                

Solderability;                              Terminals (except crimp, wire wrap, stackable) tested in accordance with Mil-STD 202    

Wire Size;                                     Stranded 26AWG

Operating Temperature;         -65c to +125c

Requirements tested per SAE-AS-13441


Test Voltage;                               250v RMS, 60Hz @70,000ft        750v RMS, 60Hz at sea level

Insulation Resistance;             5,000 megohms minimum at 500vdc

Durability;                                   500 connector mating cycles

Vibration;                                    Mated Connectors

Shock;                                          Mated Connectors

Salt Spray;                                   Mated Connectors

Humidity;                                    Test type 2

Temperature Cycling;              Mated Connectors

Contact Resistance;                 0.015 ohms max (interface measurement) @ 3 amperes

Connector Mating Force;        2.50 oz x number of contacts average

Outgassing;                                Consult catalog  


Materials and Finishes


Contacts;                                     Pins= BeCu or Brass Alloy     Sockets= BeCu or Brass Alloy

Contact Finish;                          Gold Plate

Solder;                                          Sn/Pb alloy or SAC305 (tin/silver/copper)

Moulded Insulators;                 Glass filled Polyphenylene Sulfide

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