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Custom Design

AirBorn where ' Non-standard is Standard ' 

AirBorn is an Integrated Solutions Supplier employing over 1300 people at 9 locations worldwide,  specialising in high reliability Interconnect, assembly and packaging solutions. 


AirBorn is AS9100 certified, manufacturing to IPC and military standards, offering an extensive range of design skills and capabilities, including PRO/E integrated 3D CAD/CAM/CAE solutions. 


AirBorn’s fully approved Interconnect Divisions focus on your need for non-standard interconnect solutions. We ensure you get what you require, rather than simply what is available, making products that exactly fit your needs. We serve markets as diverse as Aerospace & Defence, Space, Medical, Test, Industrial and Commercial with a highly experienced team. 


We engineer and design the entire system from component selection, innovative customised designs and assembly methods, final test and packaging, providing the customer with a repeatable process at the highest level of quality, delivery and consistency. Our advanced technology, experienced design support and attentive service, provides a complete interconnect solution reducing inventory and lowering installed cost. 


We provide the customer with what they want when they need it. 

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