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AirBorn N-Series meets or exceeds M32139 

Performance specifications 


Contact Rating;                         1 Amperes maximum 

Solderability;                              Terminals (except crimp) tested in accordance with Mil-STD 202

Wire Size;                                     Stranded 30 and 32awg or Solid 30awg as standard. (for others consult factory)

Test Voltage;                               250v RMS, 60Hz

Operating Temperature;         -55c to +125c

Insulation Resistance;             5,000 megohms minimum at 100vdc

Durability;                                   200 connector mating cycles

Vibration;                                    Tested in accordance with EIA-364

Shock;                                           Tested in accordance with EIA-364

Salt Spray;                                   Tested in accordance with EIA-364 (Mated connectors)

Humidity;                                    Tested in accordance with EIA-364 (Mated connectors)

Thermal Shock;                          Tested to the temperature extremes of EIA-364

Contact Resistance;                  0.021 volt maximum drop @ 1.0amps (0.21 ohms)

Contact Engaging Force;         5.0 ounce maximum, with minimum diameter test sleeve

Contact Separating Force;      0.4 ounce minimum, with maximum diameter test sleeve

Materials and Finishes


Contacts;                                     Pins= BeCu alloy strip  Sockets= Brass

Contact Finish;                          Gold Plate

Shells;                                           Aluminium Alloy, Passivated Stainless Steel, Passivated Titanium 

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